Services Offered

Washing Only $5.00/lb
Custom Dying
$8.50/lb washed/ dry weight
Washing, picking, and carding into roving, batting, or cloud. Wool $7.50/lb
All other fibers $8.50/lb
Pencil roving $11.50/lb
Fiber Regeneration. Gently rewashing and carding any previously processed fiber
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Wayland Fiber Mill
3688 10th street
Wayland, MI 49348
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Washing and Opening to prepare fibers for customer dying
One pound minimum charge.

All prices based per pound incoming weight.

Same price for roving, batting or clouds.
Carding Only
Recarding Only
$5.00/lb. $10.00 minimun
A division of GO RNR LLC
extra greasy flece add $2.00/lb